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Sure, we specialize in web designing and custom wordpress websites development Services, easy-to-use & scalable websites based on WordPress. But most importantly we believe everyone in the digital era should have access to professional wordpress development services with transparent and set pricing.

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We specialize in web designing and custom wordpress websites development Services, easy-to-use & scalable websites based on WordPress. But most importantly we believe everyone in the digital era should have access to professional wordpress development services with transparent and set pricing

Additional Services

As a WordPress website development company, we offer complete WordPress web design services and WordPress website development services. Through these services, we hope to help you develop a site that is beautiful and easy to use. This is what distinguishes our WordPress development company from other.TRY WEB DESIGN is also working as a web development agency that offers professional web development services that exceed customer expectations and boost your online presence.

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We help make the web a better place. Our pro­fession­al team is e­xperi­enced in making respons­ive e­-commerce­ and landing pages with leading industry trends, as well as showcasing your brand and products. It looks good to the peop­le you want to see on the website­. We ensure that the sites will be properly displayed on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Thus, we rely on responsive design features to be sure that our WordPress web page design produces the desired visual effects on every device's screen. We understand usability questions. What websites provide an experience that looks and feels good to the user? Your website would be so easy and handy for anyone to navigate. Our de­signs are user-friendly.

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Among our priorities are usability and user experience to ensure your site is as effortless as possible to use. Our team will create a site that is user-friendly, with the navigational subscription being easy and the call to action obvious to catch the visitors as clients.

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Our WordPress web design services get the skill sets to give your website a seamless look and to add attractive features or plugins from third parties to your website. On this platform, resizing images is a breeze. We adjust the size and resolution automatically so that your content can work on all major browsers and devices, allowing you to get to your audience whether they are sitting on a desktop, handheld, or mobile device.

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Pricing and plans


Normal Site

  • 100% Responsive Wordpress website
  • Optionally select hosting or maintenance Addons or free setup on your server


One-Time Fee

Average Cost

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Classic Site

  • 100% Responsive Wordpress website
  • Optionally select hosting or maintenance Addons or free setup on your server


One-Time Fee

Average Cost

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Advanced Site

  • 100% Responsive Wordpress website
  • Optionally select hosting or maintenance Addons or free setup on your server


One-Time Fee

Average Cost

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Starter Plans — Self hosted, fully automated

If you’re somewhat new to the web and don’t want to get into domain registration, hosting, CMS management and maintenance, just tell us what you need and we’ll do everything else.

For as low as $99 per month you can have a powerful, eye catching website, ecommerce powerhouse, money churning machine for only a few dollars per month. We’ll handle all the work, upkeep, maintenance, changes, just lay it on us, we’ll sort it out.

  • Provide us your designs or let us show you mockups of how great your site can look
  • Enhanced security and SEO
  • Access to commercial platform Addons and Integrations with discounted rates
  • E-commerce capability (with SSL)
  • Get everything the big guys use:
    Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yoast SEO...

+ Whatever your WP needs we can build and integrate it

3-5 Pages

$99 Monthly

5-10 Pages

$149 Monthly

10-20 Pages

$249 Monthly

What do our clients say about us? 

Take a look at some of their testimonials.

Sarah Johnson
“Choosing Try Web Design for my WordPress site was the best decision. They created a stunning, easy-to-manage website that perfectly represents my brand.”
David Smith
“Try Web Design's SEO expertise has been a game-changer for my brand. They boosted my search engine rankings and significantly increased organic traffic to my site. Highly recommend their services!”
Michael Davis
“Try Web Design crafted a sleek, professional e-commerce site for me. Their dedication to functionality and aesthetics has greatly boosted my online sales.”
Emily Brown
“I have experienced steady growth in traffic and conversion rates after using Try Web Design’s digital marketing solutions. They really know how to deliver results!”

How We Build Your WordPress Website

However, we believe that your web development process should involve everyone with a stake in the website. Here's an overview of our shortened procedure.As well as being focused on wordPress web design services TRY WEB DESIGN works as a best SEO company to boost your digital online presence!

Finding and Talking with

We have the opportunity to experience the product on our own, exposure to the buyer segment, understanding why you want to launch this product, where do you want it to be available in the market. This is mainly accomplished by our deeply effective discussions and brainstorming; these are critical as they assist in the process of design and production.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct it on multiple devices and platforms, to the extent selected by the end-user. We, as a team, inspect the site for bugs or unfriendly behavior that might break the site. The second thing we do is to see how the site will look on people's phones, tablets, and computer devices. A good website is tested for compatibility in any device or location, and the test makes that possible. Me­nding­ you the best­ website is our­ motto, and that's the website you're excited about.

Design Conceptualization

On your goals being sure, our designers will come in and start working on your website design. Our snapshots and mockups give you a visual and conceptual understanding of how your website will look, how it will be organized, and how its aesthetics will be achieved. We would love to have your input at every step of the process to make sure that the design we envisioned meets your expectations.

Launch and Deployment

We ensure that your site is up and running right after the time everything is in perfect shape, and you are totally pleased with everything. We also ensure that self-SSL integration, hosting configuration, and domain setup are available for your big dream/project. Being with you every step of the way, from the development to the production process, your website is being built on the Internet, and it will be noticed by everyone.

Development and Customization

Our creative team is in charge of the implementation during the stage when the web design has been already adopted. We know the solutions for how to build WordPress websites in a way that is stable, scalable, flexible and fully customized to meet your needs. We have got training and technical experience in implementing tailor-made features and integrations as well as API's and plugins.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Our Wordpress Development company also provides recurring support and web maintenance services. Your website life cycle doesn't end when it is launched. Going beyond just the website, our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure your site operates securely and efficiently around the clock. Our WordPress web design company is available anytime for any updates, backups, or whatever you require to sort out your issue.

Content Integration

Content is acknowledged as the main writer and chief actor of high traffic and lead conversions. As a matter of fact, it is the absolute monarch of content. Our techs help you seamlessly put everything that you've got into your WordPress website, such as text, photos, video, interactive elements, and so on, right into your website. Through us, you will have content that will cater to your target audience and use search engine optimization (SEO).

We’ve Got a Proven Formula for Success
to Guarantee Results for Our Clients



We review your business goals and make the overall outcomes are established.



We get right to work, in constant communication to make sure the milestones are met, the bottom line is always in focus.



All the way through, right to the end - we make sure you're happy. We’ll deliver an enterprise level coded project to your 100% satisfaction, all at a price you won’t find better anywhere else.

That’s about it.

Contact us now if you have any questions, or start your application and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Question.

They do website design. They also do customization and remaking of a present site. They do plugin development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site upkeep, and tech help.

The cost depends on factors like the project's scope and complexity, design needs, features, CMS, and the hired company's expertise.

It may take one to six months to make a WordPress site. Experts can estimate the task's complexity and required design. They will do so after analyzing content, custom work, and feedback from the client. They will then launch after proper testing. After considering all key factors, we can make a rough estimate of the time.

Website developers make a user-friendly interface based on your needs. They constitute all technical terms in a person-pleasant manner so that you can apprehend what’s taking place. All you need to do is explain your needs and goals. You do not need technical expertise to work with a WordPress Development Company.

To do this, you will need to look into many aspects of any WordPress firm. Those elements may also consist of the portfolio of the Company, its revel in, and years of working inside the market. Looking at customer reviews and budget alignment is also vital. It's part of choosing a company to lease for your project.

We offer many post-launch services. These include updates, security, speed, and tech help. They ensure your WordPress site stays fast and safe after launch.

Yes, we offer optional ongoing maintenance and support plans to keep your website secure, updated, and functioning optimally.

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